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January 17
500,000 reasons to save DLA

The latest UK Government consultation on changes to Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has revealed that half a million people across the UK will miss out on vital disability benefits by 2016.
In an announcement timed to coincide with this evening’s crucial Lords vote on the future of disability benefits, the UK Government has revealed who will qualify for the new benefit.  The tightening rules will mean 1.7m people will receive Personal Independence Payment in 2015/16, compared to 2.2m who were projected to receive DLA - meaning 500,000 people will miss out on benefits designed to cover the extra costs of their disability.

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We believe this makes it more vital than ever that the Lords move to protect people who have learning disabilities who will be pushed further into poverty and social isolation by these changes. 
Many people have been left "terrified” by the proposals and their potential impact.

Our members are extremely anxious about these changes.  People like Pauline, who cares for her sons Joe and Peter full time.  Joe is particularly sensitive to loud noise, while Peter’s autism can manifest itself in loud temper tantrums.  These are often unpredictable and can happen in public.  Because they cannot see their disabilities, many people just presume the boys are badly behaved.  Pauline has told me that if her sons lost their access to DLA she would be forced back into work and her sons would struggle with a  childminder or other arrangements.

The Lords must stand up for disabled people and their parents and carers,
as they did in rejecting last week's proposals to change Employment and Support Allowance, and put a pause on these changes until a proper assessment of their impact has been carried out.
Keep up with today’s developments via the Guardian’s live blog at:

500,000 reasons to save DLA
What a well-written post on an important subject. Great to see you are plugging away at this one. It's such a big deal and there don't seem to be as many voices speaking up about it in Scotland as there are down South.
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