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May 31
Have your SAY on "the Same As You?"

Twelve years ago, a Scottish Government report signalled the intention to improve the way services for people who have learning disabilities worked.  Welcoming in the new century, “The Same As You” was a vision of a better future for people who have learning disabilities, their families and their carers. 

Unsurprisingly, it reported that people who have learning disabilities wanted to be the same as everyone else.  They wanted their own homes.  They wanted their own families and their own friends.  They wanted to be able to do things on their own. The Government listened and they produced a series of determined recommendations to try and make this happen. 

So what progress has been made?  A new publication – “The Same As You” consultation report 2000-2012 – reveals that a great deal has changed for people who have learning disabilities and many people have greater aspirations for what they can expect from their lives.  Education of people who have learning disabilities is taken much more seriously, day opportunities are improving and better planning has led to an increased level of independence.

But there is still so much to be achieved.  Across Scotland only a small minority of people who have learning disabilities are in paid work, one in three people say that they can get very lonely and improvements are still needed to eliminate bullying.  A new vision is needed to tackle some of these issues.

The Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson MSP, said:
“The Same as You? was a ten year strategy which set out to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. More than a decade on, it is right that we look at whether that succeeded...  I am looking for views on how we can continue to improve services to make sure that people with learning disabilities and those on the autism spectrum can lead independent lives.” 

ENABLE Scotland welcomes the opportunity to engage with the Scottish Government once again to improve the lives of people who have a learning disability in Scotland.  Why not have your say? Click here for a copy of the full consultation paper. 

Or click here to complete the easy read consultation paper.

Have your SAY on "the Same As You?"
this was one of the reasons Remploy was set up. Now it is to be dispensed with under this new government. Could our Scottish Governmet not retain these facilities to enable disadvantaged people some employment to make them feel worthy in our society.
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