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December 19
Appalled by views of UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark

​We welcome the suspension of Geoffrey Clark, UKIP candidate for Kent, after he suggested that mothers carrying foetuses with Spina Bifida or Down’s syndrome should have compulsory abortions to avoid the children being a burden to the state. We are pleased to see that his disgusting manifesto has been taken down from the internet.

Individuals with learning disabilities make many valued contributions to their families and to their local communities and lead active lives as sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, students, work colleagues, and community activists. They deserve our full support to play an equal part in the life of their family, community and country.


Sadly, Mr Clark’s remarks are symptomatic of the view that disabled people take from society and give nothing back in return. Nothing could be further from the truth. But other people’s attitudes are a barrier to people with learning disabilities being seen as equal citizens with the same rights to lead day-to-day lives and to experience the same opportunities as everyone else.


We must resist any notion that children and adults with learning disabilities cannot play a full part in society.
We know that they can and do .



Appalled by views of UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark
Geoff Clark by his own admission on BBC radio kent on thursday, knows nothing about the lives of children with DS or the lives of the parents blessed with such joy.
21yr old Jamie Clark from Dover is to be immmortalised in steel on Dover sea front next to Ian Fleming and Dame Vera Lynn. What's so special about that you may say.  Well oor wee man has DS and from the second he came into our lives he has brought us nothing but joy.  Jamie has a legacy to leave his family. Unlike the said Geoff Clark he is already forgotten. If you are in any doubt how many lives Jamie Clark has changed listen to BBC radio kent each day next week between 7.45 & 8.45 am
Lang may yer lum reek !!!!
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