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August 31
Reconsider plans to cut disability benefits

ENABLE Scotland is calling on the UK Government to reconsider its plans on cutting benefits for people who have learning disabilities.

New proposals included in the Government’s Initial Draft Assessment Criteria for Personal Independence Payment suggest:

  • It may be considered adequate not to offer people support to people unless they reach “a level of self neglect” in bathing, washing and grooming
  • Someone may also be at risk of losing their disability benefits if they cannot claim to be at “overwhelming stress” when travelling on public transport 
  • Low priority given to being able to manage your own medication or health condition

The Government is planning to remove 20% of its spending on Disability Living Allowance when it is replaced with the new Personal Independence Payment.  This could mean that as many as 69,334 disabled people in Scotland lose their Disability Living Allowance.

We are concerned that people who have learning disabilities will be pushed further into poverty and social isolation through these measures.  Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is about supporting people to meet the extra costs of living with a disability.  These costs have not reduced or gone away. 

The targeted saving of 20% of this budget appears arbitrary and we cannot see where it has come from.   The Government needs to give a commitment, in action not just words, to protect those in the greatest need.

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