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Support to live a good life

Support to Live a Good Life
Will you #BeTheChange for People who have a Learning Disability?

Excellent social care is a critical part of breaking down barriers to an equal society for every person who has a learning disability.  Good quality personalised social care services can transform lives and communities, and support people to live the life they choose. 

However, unequal access to social care, inconsistent application of the personalisation agenda and funding pressures mean that the sector is fragile, and true choice and control for people who have a learning disability is limited. Out of an estimated 120,000 people who have a learning disability only 12,680 receive formal social care support services.

Why we need you to #BeTheChange:

Social Care Charging

It is care tax on the disabled. Why, when national policies promote the independence and integration of disabled people, are we being charged so heavily for the very services that make that possible. The policy is an unfair attack on people who are paying between £25 and £35 a week more for the help they need. Some are having to pay up to £70 a week out of already low incomes. I am really worried people will stop their support and end up needing far more help when they get into a crisis. This will put more pressure on the NHS. It doesn’t make sense. For people like me it will make life much harder.  I already live on a tight budget and rarely go out.  In the future, I will have to stay home all the time and have to cut back on food and heating.
Valuing the social care workforce

When a staff member leaves David’s service it takes him a long time to adjust to new staff, this in turn sets back David’s personal development as things he would do with little support from current staff he trusts he does not feel comfortable doing with new people. David has heard his staff say they are leaving his service provider because they do not get paid enough wages.

Enabling good lives with good support

Social work dictate the hours of support we get and when we get them.  They tell us we need to get help from friends and family more.  Some people don’t have friends and family that can help them do things in the community or at home.

If we want to do something which is important to us but does not fit in with the time we get support then we can’t change our support to let us do this.  We can’t be spontaneous like everyone else.

Some of us don’t get support on a Thursday and we will not be able to get support to go down to vote on the 4th of May.  We could get a postal vote but we would like to do it ourselves at the polling station.

Since our support has been cut we can only get it for certain household things like housework and shopping or for hospital appointments.  If an important letter comes in on days we don’t get support it has to wait until our next support day.  It is also important we get support for other things such as going out and work but it is very difficult to get this.
You can #BeTheChange by:
5. Elected members have important leadership and scrutiny roles in councils. It is essential that Audit Scotland’s recommendations on scrutiny are implemented and elected members assure themselves that social care quality is maintained.
6. Councils should maintain a high quality social care workforce by paying all social care staff the Living Wage for all hours worked, including overnight support.
7. Councils should work with Scottish Government to end social care charging. Councils and Government must look at all the options to achieve this aim including refreshed guidance and legislation.
​8. Councillors in their role on Integration Authorities should examine the total number of people with Learning Disabilities who remain unable to get suitable permanent homes of their own, together with an appropriate care package.

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