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Campaign event

Organising an event


Holding events, such as demonstrations or publicity stunts, can be a good way to show how many people support your campaign.  They can sometimes take a long time to organise but they can really show how important an issue is. 


Events need plenty of people there to make sure that you make a big impact.  Before organising an event make sure that everyone knows when and where it will be.  Speak to the local media so that they can attend and take photographs. 


Think through your event in advance – set a start and finish time, decide who to invite, decide whether you want to have any speakers and if so who will speak.  It will also be important to think about what could go wrong and how you will deal with that.


Examples of events you may wish to consider are:

  • Marches that will be noticed by the target of your campaign
  • Holding a rally outside an important building or place
  • Handing out leaflets in busy places
  • Holding a street stall in a busy place to attract attention and communicate with potential supporters.  It will be useful to have something available for people to show their support, such as a petition

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