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A petition is a list of the people who support your campaign.  This is a way to get other campaigners involved and show how many people support your campaign.  It is important to remember that anyone can sign a petition.


Easy-to-use petitions will attract more signatures.  Make sure that your petition has a brief headline that describes what your campaign hopes to achieve, followed by a more detailed statement that summarises aim of the petition.  ENABLE Scotland’s Campaigns and Policy Unit can help you put together your petition.


When producing a petition you have two options:

  • Publish a printed petition.  This will allow you to get people’s signatures at events and meetings.  Make sure that you keep hold of any completed paper petitions that you recieve.
  • Publish an online petition.  An online petition means that you can send a link to your petition by email or through social networking sites.  Online petitions are becoming very popular because it is very quick and people can share the petition with their friends.  This can also be a good way to collect the email addresses of people who support the campaign.


Once you have decided how you will produce your petition you should think about how you are going to publicise this.  There are a number of options for trying to get more signatures.  You may wish to also consider:

  • Go to the public with your petition – you may want to go to a public place and ask people if they will sign your petition.  You will get the most signatures in busy public places like shopping centres and train stations.
  • Take your petition everywhere with you – you should use every opportunity you get to tell people about the petition and ask them if they will sign it.  Take your petition to public meetings and events that you organise.  Ask other campaigners to do the same.
  • Advertise your petition in the media – in any media coverage you get make sure that you advertise the petition and how to sign it
  • Post about your petition online – you may wish to post about your petition on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook or on forums and blogs like Mumsnet.  This can attract people who you don’t know but might agree with the aim of your campaign.

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