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Councillors, MSPs and MPs


You may wish to get a local politician involved in your campaign as they may be able to put pressure on to change a decision. 


Politicians are very busy people and are trying to change lots of things. 


Before you contact them, think about what you are campaigning about, who is responsible for it and who can change things.


Get your local councillors involved


If you are campaigning about a cut in a local service, it is likely to be run by your local authority.  Local authorities are a type of local government, which can also be called councils.


Local authorities have a significant role in deciding what social care services people who have a learning disabilities are entitled to. 


If you think the local authority has acted incorrectly, you may want to consider writing to your local Councillors.  Councillors are locally elected politicians who oversee the decisions made by the local authority.  They may be able to take your campaign further and ask questions of the people involved in the decision. 


You can usually find contact details for your local Councillor through the local authority’s website.


Get your MSPs involved


Since the Scottish Parliament was set up 1999, a number of issues have been ‘devolved’ for the Scottish Parliament to decide what happens in Scotland.


The Scottish Parliament is responsible for:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Justice
  • Police and fire services
  • Housing
  • Local Government
  • The environment
  • Sport and the arts
  • Social Work
  • Agriculture
  • Some aspects of transport, including roads and buses.


If your campaign is about any of these issues you may wish to contact your local MSP to let them know about it.  They may be able to ask parliamentary questions, lodge motions for support in the Scottish Parliament or contact the relevant Cabinet Secretary about your campaign.


Everyone in Scotland has one constituency MSP who represents their local area and seven regional MSPs who represent the wider regional area in which they live.  Click here to find a list of the MSPs who represent you.


Get your MP involved


The UK Parliament is run from Westminster in London but represents the UK as a whole. The UK Parliament is responsible for:

  • Benefits and social security
  • Immigration
  • Defence
  • Foreign policy
  • Employment
  • Broadcasting
  • Trade and industry
  • Nuclear energy, oil, coal, gas and electricity
  • Consumer rights
  • Data protection
  • The Constitution


Your MP may be able to ask questions in Parliament, lodge Parliamentary motions supporting your campaign or contact the relevant Minister responsible for the issue.


Everyone in the United Kingdom has one MP who represents their local area.  Click here to find contact details for the MP who represents your local area.

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