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Using online tools

Using online tools


Using the internet can help your campaign to reach a wider audience.  ENABLE Scotland and local groups have used websites, emails and social networking sites for campaigning purposes in the past.  It can be a really cost effective way of gaining more support for your campaign.




Websites can help to promote and raise the profile of your campaign.  It can also be a good place to direct people for more information about the campaign.  However, websites can be expensive and difficult to manage.  




Emails are a great way to contact people who support the campaign and others without spending much money.  You can use emails to tell people about meetings or events that you are organising.  Try and set up a mailing list for the members of your campaign and don’t forget to add people who have signed a petition or told you that they are interested. 


Social Networking Sites


Social networking sites are websites which allow anyone to set up webpages for free.  Some examples of social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo.  Most people use social networking to keep up to date with their friends and family, but a lot of people also use them to promote a campaign or issue.


You can use social networking sites to find supporters and communicate with them on a regular basis or invite them to attend meetings, write to their local Councillor or to sign an online petition.

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