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How to Campaign

This guide to campaigning has been compiled by ENABLE Scotland. 

  • Campaigning can be a really important way to help improve the lives of people who have learning disabilities.
  • There are different ways to campaign.  You might want to change something or you might want to tell people about something. 
  • Before you start a campaign, make sure you have all the facts and really know what you want to achieve.  Make sure that there is clear information about your campaign.
  • You need to target your campaign at the right people.  For example, if you are campaigning against cuts to services, make sure you take your campaign to the people or department who have cut the services.
  • Petitions (when lots of people sign their name to say they support you) and public events can be a good way of showing how many people support your campaign.
  • Local politicians or councillors may be able to put the pressure on to change a decision so it might be helpful to contact them.
  • The media -newspapers, television and radio – can really help your campaign.
  • Using the Internet can be a good way of getting more people involved.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a good way to help people keep up to date with your campaign
  • Are you doing a campaign or do you want us to help you?  Contact ENABLE Scotland. We have been running campaigns since 1954.

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