Have your say
Having your say is important. Everyone has the right to say what they think. People who have learning disabilities can now speak up and say what they want in their lives.
Sometimes it is good to speak up with other people who want the same thing as you. 
ENABLE Scotland helps people who have learning disabilities get more confidence to speak up.  We listen to what people who have learning disabilities want and support them to make changes. You can become a member of ENABLE Scotland and find out more about the Advisory Committee (ACE) - a group, consisting of people who have learning disabilities, who help direct the organisation's activities. 
You can also talk to us about your rights and maybe consider starting a campaign to make changes that matter to you.

ENABLE Scotland has been working on an exciting new training programme for people with  learning disabilities. The training looks at the best ways for people with learning disabilities to support each other. This is called Peer Support  That means supporting each other.