Will you #BeTheChange for young people who have learning disabilities in 2016?

‘Simply being present in a classroom does not mean you are included’.
Children and young people with a learning disability should grow up in a world that includes them in all areas of society, gives them support and opportunities to engage with their peers, develop friendships, and equips them with the personal skills to progress and be valued members in the community. Yet too many young people who have learning disabilities are still excluded by friends and peers; from classroom and curriculum; and from opportunities and activities that make up the spectrum of school life.
ENABLE Scotland believes that the focus on raising attainment for all pupils provides a timely opportunity for the Scottish education system to consider a progressive approach to delivering a truly inclusive education system
Included in the Main?! is a national conversation hosted by, ENABLE Scotland, about the reality of educational experiences for young people who have learning disabilities in Scotland today. So far more that 200 young people who have learning disabilities and their parents have participated in the conversation.
 Why we need you to #BeTheChange:
  • 95% of young people who have learning disabilities feel like people at their school don’t understand them and have been bullied 

  • 85% of young people who have learning disabilities said do not get the same chances to take part in games in the playground as everyone else in my school

  • Additional Support Needs staff in Scottish schools have been cut by 10% since 2010!6

  • More than 70% of young people with learning disabilities in school said they don’t get enough help and time from teachers and 94% of parents feel schools do not receive enough resources to work with young people who have learning disabilities

  • 45% of young people who have learning disabilities have been informally excluded from school. For 17% this happens on a weekly basis! The rationale given by schools include: class/activity/trip not suitable for your child (31%); child not coping (41%); for your child's "own good" as they are having a "bad day" (42%). Only 16% of parents agreed with the reason given by school with more than 75% feeling that a more accurate reason for their child’s informal exclusion from school was: child not getting the support they need in school.
​‘My son has had multiple exclusions. At one point he only had 6 full days in school in a whole school year - the rest he was either very reduced hours or totally excluded.’

Visit enable.org.uk/enablethevote to find out more about our campaign to support people in Scotland who have learning disabilities to have their vote.


6.​   TES Scotland - https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-news/teacher-workload-rise-support-staff-axed
7.   ENABLE Scotland developed school resources (http://www.enablethechange.org/) with Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities informed by research that indicated that young people become more accepting of difference when their knowledge and understanding about peers with disabilities is increased. (Holtz, K.D. (2007) Evaluation of a Peer-Focused Intervention to Increase Knowledge and Foster Positive Attitudes toward Children with Tourette Syndrome KDHRC Working Paper 07-002; Krahé & Altwasse,2006 Changing negative attitudes towards persons with physical disabilities: An experimental intervention. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 16: 59–69.)