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Blue Badge

Blue Badge scheme
The Blue Badge scheme allows parking concessions so that if you are a disabled driver, or have a passenger who has a disability, you can park freely at parking meters or on-street parking except where there are loading bay restrictions. You can also park without any time-limit in limited waiting areas or on single or double lines.  You must be, or must have, the disabled person in the vehicle.  Make sure that you display your Blue Badge correctly or you may get a parking ticket - the date of expiry must be visible.
To qualify for a Blue Badge you must:
  • be aged 3 or over; AND 
  • get Disability Living Allowance (DLA) higher rate mobility component; or
  • be registered blind; or
  • drive regularly and have a severe disability in both arms; or
  • have a permanent and substantial disability which means you are virtually unable to walk.
Children aged under 3 may also be able to qualify for a Blue Badge if they need to be accompanied by bulky medical equipment.
Applying for a badge
The scheme is administered by local authorities so contact your local social work department. You may need to pay for your badge as local authorities can charge an administrative fee for Blue Badges, but this should be not more than £10.
The Blue Badge scheme does not mean that you can park anywhere. You should always check if there are any local restrictions. There were some changes to the Blue Badge scheme that started in April 2011, including a re-designed badge introduced during 2012 to combat forgery. For more information see the Transport Scotland website.

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