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Council tax concessions

Council tax concessions
Council tax is a local tax which you pay to your local authority.  It is based on two things - the value of your house (the Council tax band) and the number of adults aged 18 and over living there.  There are three ways to get your council tax reduced and you can use all three ways if you qualify for them.
You may not have been able to use some of these discounts when your son or daughter was a child but, once they reach 18, you may now find you can qualify for a carer’s discount.

1.     You can get the Council tax band reduced to a lower level if someone in your house is disabled and the house has one of the following features. The feature must be essential and make it possible for the disabled person to live there or mean that, without it, their disability would become more severe:
  • a room (not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory) which is mainly used by the disabled person;
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen to meet the needs of the disabled person; or
  • enough floor space to permit the use of a wheelchair.

2.     You can get a discount on the amount payable if fewer than two adults count as residing there. 
Adults who may live in the house but don't count towards the Council tax can include carers (though not carers of partners or children under 18); students; and adults who are 'severely mentally impaired'.


If applicable, more than one carer in a house can qualify for the carer’s discount.

If only one person counts as being resident then you can get a 25 per cent discount. If all the people living in a house are disregarded then you can get a 50 per cent discount.


If the only people living in the house are people with a ‘severe mental impairment’ then they are exempt from any liability for Council tax, water or waste water charges.

3.     You may qualify for Council tax benefit if you are on a low income. 
To claim your discount, get the relevant forms from the Council tax section of your local authority..
The Scottish Government has produced a series of information leaflets on the council tax system.

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