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Support at meetings

Support at meetings
If your child is having difficulties at school you may find yourself attending various meetings to discuss his or her progress with the head teacher and other staff. Many parents can find this stressful.
You should be able to take along someone else for support at meetings. Your ‘supporter’ can help you in different ways. For example, he or she might:
  • help you prepare your thoughts in advance ;
  • take notes so you don’t have to worry about remembering everything; and
  • remind you about questions you wanted to ask or points you wanted to get across.
It can be reassuring just to have someone there who you know well and who can go over things with you afterwards.
“I don’t know what happened. All these people were talking about my child. I couldn’t think what to say until the meeting was over and I was on my way home.”

Think about asking a friend, relative or another parent if they can go with you and give you support at meetings. There may also be support groups or advocacy services near to you who you could talk to.


You also have the right to take an advocate along to meetings. For more information on what advocacy is, and what advocacy is available in your area, go to the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance website.


If you or your child would like support in making a reference to, or participating in, the Additional Support Needs Tribunal, you can access the Take Note advocacy service, which is available through Barnardo's website.

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