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In your community

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In your community
We all need a sense of community in our lives. Being part of a community means getting to know those around you and helping each other out. For some people who have learning disabilities getting to know neighbours or people in the local area is easy. Sometimes a lack of confidence or communication difficulties can create a barrier.
ENABLE Scotland work with people who have learning disabilities to decide just how active they want to be in their community. We can help find facilities for leisure, for learning or for education and training. If the facilities on offer don’t cater for people who learning disabilities then we will help and encourage them change their approach.  There are huge benefits to other service providers in making sure there services meet the needs of people who have learning disabilities. ENABLE Scotland can help them to do this.
No one should be isolated in their home. You shouldn’t have to travel long distances to find specialist facilities. There are places in your community with great facilities and we can help you find them.

Local Area Coordinators


Local Area Coordinators (LACs) are people who work in the community and do different things depending on what the community needs.


They can provide advice and information on what is available in the local community. They can also help people to access services or find activities they want to try in their local area. They will take time to talk to you and get to know you. They will listen to the things you want to do and try to help you to make it happen.


Local Area Coordinators can also help you to make changes in your community. If there are services which you need in your community but don't exist, they can help you to raise awareness of what is needed. They may also be able to help you to make improvement to local public services.


For more on Local Area Coordinators near you contact ENABLE Direct 0300 0200 101.​

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