Update from Group CEO Theresa Shearer

March 20, 2020 Blog - CEO

Good morning everyone,

As you may have seen, all staff working in social care services and charities – including all of us – have been defined by the UK Government as key workers.  I am proud that our workforce is recognised and included in the core infrastructure services required to keep the country moving whilst we move into the coming weeks of continued challenge.

To be clear – all ENABLE Scotland and Piper Group staff are considered as key workers.   It is our responsibility to you now to make sure that we support you through this.

Over the course of today (Friday 20th March 2020) we will be working to get you access to the latest advice and what this will mean for you and your family.  The Government has committed that for those of you who have school age children, they will be cared for at local schools during this time – we will work to get information ready for you today that helps you to find out what the arrangements are.

Over the coming 24-48 hours, your priorities are rightly on delivering support, business continuity planning and rota management – and of course making arrangements for yourselves and your families.

From next week, we are working to ensure that frontline staff have regular access to myself and Howard Elliott, our Director of Services, via a regular Q&A, making the best use of digital technologies we have available.

You will hear more from us before the end of the day with the latest guidance and advice, and remember that everything else you need just now is in the the COVID-19 Staff Portal in Microsoft Teams.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, continue to follow existing guidance, and thank you once again for everything that every single one of you are doing right now to ensure that ENABLE Scotland and the Piper Group continues to be there for every single person, in every single community, who needs us.

Take care,


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