Head of Practice Development

  • Tracey Gilchrist - Head of Practice Development

    Theresa Shearer

    Tracey Gilchrist - Head of Practice Development

    Tracey Gilchrist is the Head of Practice Development for ENABLE Cares. She has more than 20 years’ experience training and practicing in the field of learning disability nursing, skills which she has applied to a range of positions in the NHS, local authority bodies, the education sphere and for the last three years in the ENABLE Group.

    She currently oversees a team of Practice Development Leads who have a wealth of experience in learning disability nursing and social care and is responsible for leading on the growth of person-centred cultures across ENABLE Scotland.

    Tracey is focused on leading change within the organisation from strategic level to frontline practice. She has exceptional insight into what is required to deliver on the Scottish Government Policy for people who have a learning disability.

    Tracey represents ENABLE at the Scottish Learning Disability Nurse Leads group and on the steering group for Positive Behaviour Support and Community of Practice, which stems from recommendations of the Coming Home report. She also leads on ENABLE’s partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University.


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