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  • Nicole Forsyth - ENABLE Scotland Delivery Manager

    Theresa Shearer

    Nicole Forsyth - ENABLE Scotland Delivery Manager

    Nicole Forsyth is the Delivery Manager for ENABLE Scotland. She joined the group seven years ago as part of the ENABLE Works teams and now is responsible for managing charitable projects and services including ACE, ACE Youth, Family Connect, and Welfare Rights. Nicole also leads the charity’s localised services, including Local Area Coordination in Midlothian and East Renfrewshire and the Fife SDS Project.

    Before joining ENABLE Scotland, she worked in support services for autistic people and people with learning disabilities, having gained a Masters in Autism and a degree in Psychology.

    In response to the pandemic, Nicole led the development of four new digital support services for people with learning disabilities, their family carers, and the ENABLE Scotland branch network. She has also undertaken specialist work to establish autism training, which is delivered across ENABLE Works and to employers who support autistic employees.


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