An Inspiring Day on the Virtual Kiltwalk

April 26, 2021 Blog - ENABLE Group Katie McVey

Today I find myself reflecting on what was quite simply a fantastic weekend. The weather was beautiful and I had the privilege of walking alongside a special young man and my sister as we took on the Virtual Kiltwalk challenge, raising funds and showing our support for ENABLE Scotland.

I have walked many Kiltwalks over the years, but yesterday was just different. Kai is a fun, outgoing, gifted and extremely determined boy. He has physical and learning disabilities that he refuses to let stand in his way, and I have never felt so inspired having spent the day with someone in my life.

Our journey was not without its challenges, but I’m blaming my sister Sarah-Jane for them! She was the navigator, using Google maps for a little help, but let’s just say I don’t think the Kiltwalk will be seeking her route-making skills when they return to a physical event in future!

Our first few miles went great as we walked along by the picturesque canal route from Bishopbriggs to Kirkintilloch. With the exception of my little puppy Candy causing a cyclist to make an emergency stop, resulting in the chain detaching from his bike and creating a small pile up with some other cyclists, we had a relatively drama free time…

This is, however, when my sister’s navigation skills started to let the team down. Let’s just say we ended up on a couple of detours, having to re-route twice and using a little ingenuity to get by.

Kai’s mum offered to come and pick us up a few miles from home, but he refused to accept and was so determined to power through and achieve his goal of 10 miles… which he did! Kai even directed us home for the last two miles when we gave up on Sarah-Jane and Google.

As if this wasn’t inspiring enough, Kai had actually just been given some very sad personal news that morning, when he found out his grandfather had passed away. As difficult as this news was, Kai was so committed to doing his bit for ENABLE Scotland that he refused to give in – what an inspiration this young man is for us all!

I was so proud to be Kai’s teammate for the day, and seeing all the other members of #TeamENABLE posting their Virtual Kiltwalk challenges on social media across the weekend – walking together apart – made me feel part of something really big.


The money raised by #TeamENABLE supports the charitable projects and services that have been a lifeline to people who have a learning disability and their families throughout the pandemic, and will remain vital as we exit Lockdown. You can sponsor Kai, Sarah-Jane and me here:

Support #TeamENABLE here!

Katie McVey, Head of Strategic Development

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