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As the excitement builds, we are looking forward to sharing success from all areas of the ENABLE family and truly demonstrating how we break down barriers every day to create an equal society. We’ll have stories from ENABLE Direct, Children’s Services and ENABLE Works and we can’t wait to tell you about them. We don’t want to give too much away, but here is a very short summary of just how much impact your support will have.

Breaking Down the Barriers

The ENABLE Family, like any family, are there for the tough times. We also nurture, encourage and celebrate the achievements of our members. Quite simply, we help people get the right information and support via ENABLE Direct; we provide a lifeline to children and families; we support people who have learning disability into the work place and we give opportunities for our members to come together and develop natural friendships in their local communities. All of this makes a huge impact on lives across Scotland and that is why tonight, our members will be an integral part of the Ball, as they share their own personal stories of breaking down barriers in their own lives.

Pam – Giving Hope

Through the ENABLE Direct helpline we connect families of children and young people who have a learning disability to appropriate specialist advice and support services to improve their quality of life. The helpline is a gateway to specialist advice for people who have a learning disability, their families and carers living in Scotland.

On the night, you will hear Pam’s story. Making the call to our ENABLE Direct Line has offered Pam hope and the opportunity to look forward to the future with confidence.

Kieran – Getting a Job

We believe that with the right support, everyone can find and keep a job. Every day, we support adults who have a learning disability to develop their employment skills and find work. Our approach is to help you them about the skills you want to develop and the type of work they want to do. We will support them every step of the way, and help find the job that’s right for them.

Kieran will talk us through his journey and delight us all with stories of his wonderful job at Gleneagles Hotel. Kieran is autistic and his first experience of ENABLE was a few years ago when he was in 6th year at Firpark School in North Lanarkshire. Like every other teenager, school presented a number of challenges for him. But with support from ENABLE works his life turned a corner and he’s never looked back.

Kirstin – Challenging Attitudes

Kirstin is co-hosting the Ball. She is a member of our Edinburgh ACE group and has had support from ENABLE for 15 years. ACE stands for Active Community of Empowered People. People who have a learning disability have to overcome many barriers in life. Barriers to inclusion, good health, having their voice heard, training and employment opportunities and an inclusive education are all very real and common barriers that our members and the people we support have to overcome.

Kirstin and her peers come together to break down the barriers to an equal society for every person who has a learning disability. Being part of ACE gives Kirstin the confidence to help so many more people.

Kirstin has a bright and incredible personality and will share her story with us demonstrating the impact the ENABLE has on lives and families.

Through your support, we can ensure that no person with a learning disability has to travel their journey alone. We will be there to listen, be their voice, offer professional guidance and give practical hands-on care. Without you, all of this would not be possible – thank you!

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