ENABLE Scotland believes in the power of community to transform lives.  We support a network of Branches, who are all run by incredible volunteers.  Each Branch is set up as an individual charity independent of ENABLE Scotland.

What binds us together is our shared values and determination to create an equal society for every person who has a learning disability.

There are currently 36 branches operating across Scotland, each offering its own unique programme of events and social opportunities to connect and empower their local community. These can include:-

  • Social clubs and activities
  • Outings and events
  • Campaigning and fundraising
  • Providing advice and support

Branches often play a huge role in their local communities. ENABLE Scotland Branches were originally set up by parents who wanted to create a support network for families in their local community.

Find out about Branches in your area by calling Family Connect on 0300 303 0228.

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