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    ‘You should never have been born’

    Date: November 16, 2017- Category: Campaigning

    That’s what the bullies at school said to me – so yes, I know what it feels like to be bullied. But I also know that when someone makes you feel worthless, you have a choice. You can accept it, and let them make you feel bad, or you can…

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  • A group of people who have learning disabilities talking to their local political candidate

    Empowering members to use vote in local elections

    Date: March 21, 2017- Category: Campaigning

    ENABLE Scotland has launched its #ENABLEtheVote campaign to empower people who have a learning disability to use their vote in the upcoming local elections. The learning disability charity is delivering 19 unique hustings events throughout Scotland from Monday 20 March, bringing people who have learning disabilities face-to-face with local politicians…

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  • Staff and Scottish politician posing in front of an inflatable elephant

    Report shows education system leaving pupils with learning disabilities side-lined

    Date: December 8, 2016- Category: Campaigning

    Hundreds of children, parents and teachers have spoken out to say that the Scottish education system is leaving pupils who have learning disabilities side-lined – and even at times without an education. And leading charity ENABLE Scotland will take their voices to the Scottish Parliament today (Thursday) – saying Scotland…

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