• ENABLE Scotland shortlisted for an Outstanding Leadership Award

    ENABLE Scotland has been shortlisted for an Outstanding Leadership Award at the 2021 Living Wage Scotland Awards. The awards recognise organisations across the country who are at the forefront of driving a fairer economy as an accredited living wage employer. ENABLE Scotland is one of only three employers – and…

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  • Forward as ENABLE Group

    Date: April 1, 2021- Category: Blog - CEO

    A year ago when we entered our first lockdown, no one could have predicted where we would be today. The uncertainty has been felt keenly by families across the country, and especially by our most vulnerable citizens. Our objective as an organisation was to keep our staff and the people…

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  • Shielding Far From Home

    Date: June 19, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    As I write this, we are now officially entering Phase 2 of the Scottish Government’s Routemap out of lockdown. From today, following 12 long weeks, we can now take the tentative steps back towards our loved ones. For many of the people we support who live in their own homes,…

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  • A Week of Optimism

    Date: June 5, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    A Week of Optimism This has been our first week since the Scottish Government started the gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions. The opportunity to get out in the sunshine a little bit more and to see some friends and family outdoors for the first time in many weeks – albeit…

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  • Lessons from Lockdown

    Date: May 29, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    In this week’s blog, our CEO Theresa Shearer reflects on lessons we’ve learned over nearly 10 weeks of lockdown – and invites everyone to (responsibly!) enjoy the sunshine this weekend… Lessons from lockdown Today, Scotland has officially eased some of its lockdown restrictions and moved into Phase 1 of the…

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  • Connecting to make a difference

    Date: May 18, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    Today marks the beginning of Scotland’s Learning Disability Week, and perhaps especially during lockdown for us all, a good opportunity to reflect on how life has changed for people who have a learning disability in Scotland over the years.   In our current unique circumstances, we also have the opportunity to…

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  • Looking after our people

    Date: May 11, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    In the First Minister’s address to the nation this evening, she reflected on what really matters to us all – health, family and community – and described the continued lockdown arrangements in Scotland not only as a science-led public health intervention to contain and control COVID-19, but also as an…

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  • Serving the frontline

    Date: May 4, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    I have reflected many times since the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown about how connected I feel to the frontline. In the midst of a social care crisis, our culture of serving the frontline has emerged front and centre as our guiding principle.  Beyond traditional communications, our digital capacity has…

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  • Young people making a difference

    Date: April 27, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    Something that has struck me since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic is how so many young people have really stepped up to do their bit to help the national response to this historic challenge. I was chatting to my young mentee, Lucy McKee, about this last week, and in…

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  • Mobilising our response

    Date: April 20, 2020- Category: Blog - CEO

    In an era of social distancing, I do not think I have ever felt more socially connected to our frontline workforce.   Zoom calls with our Personal Assistants (PAs) on the frontline have become a regular fixture in my diary since the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic began, and I…

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