Coronavirus Information

We are aware that the current outbreak of Coronavirus may be a cause for concern for many of our members and the people we support as well as their friends and families.

We have written to all families of people we support across ENABLE Scotland to offer assurances of the steps we are taking in response to the emerging coronavirus situation.

If you are a family member, and you haven’t heard from us, please DM us on social media – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or contact ENABLE Direct and we will make sure you have all the access to the information you need.

We are closely monitoring any and all updates around the spread of the virus and will be continually working to ensure all relevant information and government advice and guidelines are relayed in the timeliest manner possible.

We have prepared several handy Factsheets around hand washing, personal hygiene and a more general Factsheet about the actual Coronavirus itself.  Please familiarise yourselves with these and we will update this information as soon as any new guidance is issued.

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Factsheet 1:  Handwashing Guide

Factsheet 2:  Hygiene Guidance 2020

Factsheet 3: Coronavirus Easy Read V2

Factsheet 4: Guide for Family Carers

Factsheet 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Factsheet 6: NHS Scotland Guidance on Visiting Patients who Have a Learning Disability in Hospital

Factsheet 7: Guidance for Family Visitors

Factsheet 8: Looking after your Feelings and your Body

Factsheet 9: Keeping Away from other People

Factsheet 10: Advice on Staying at Home

Factsheet 11: Easy Read Guidance on Shielding

Health advice

Coronavirus is an illness which is sometimes called COVID-19.

Coronavirus is a type of virus that could affect your breathing.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus include:

  • Coughing
  • A fever or a very high temperature
  • A feeling like it is hard to breathe

Please be aware that the current Government Guidance is NOT to go to the GP or call NHS 24 if you believe you have the virus.

The guidance now asks only to contact either your GP or NHS 24 if symptoms are severe.

A free helpline has been set up for people who do not have symptoms but are looking for general advice: 0800 028 2816.

New UK Government Guidance

Many of you will have seen the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson speaking last night. With the exception of the new guidance on quarantining of travellers arriving to the UK for 14 days; the guidance applies only to England.

The only change in Scotland is on exercising more than once a day.

Today at the daily press conference, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon emphasised that UK Government announcements on lockdown relaxations did not apply in Scotland and the Scottish Government’s message remained unchanged.  She reiterated that sunbathing and picnics were not permitted and urged the media to report clearly on the different restrictions in place in different UK nations.

In Scotland the message remains stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

New Exercise Guidance

The Scottish Government announced changes to the amount that people can exercise outdoors – it is now permitted to exercise outdoors more than once per day. Guidance states that this should be done safely, close to home and keeping a two-metre distance from non-family members. This does not mean that people should sunbathe or have picnics or barbecues.

The position, as of 11 May, is that people should leave home only for:

  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • Daily exercise
  • Any medical need/care for a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to and from work, only if absolutely necessary

For general information please refer to the NHS Inform website. The Scottish Government has regular updates which can be found here.

Other useful websites for up-to-date advice and information around Coronavirus:

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