About Disability Agenda Scotland

Founded in 1998, Disability Agenda Scotland (DAS) is an alliance of Scotland’s major disability organisations: Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, Capability Scotland, ENABLE Scotland, RNIB Scotland, SAMH and Sense Scotland.

Together our experience, expertise and interests cover physical disability, sensory impairment, learning disability, communication support needs and mental health.

Representing the views of thousands of disabled children, young people and adults, families and carers involved with each member organisation, DAS aims to:

  • Influence public policy and legislation.
  • Provide a forum for decision makers and influencers to obtain advice and information.
  • Promote a better understanding of the diverse experiences, needs and aspirations of disabled people.

DAS strives to promote the interests of disabled people whose views are hard to reach into the mainstream of public policy. Views may be hard to reach because people are not involved in consultation processes, are not included in or have no influence on lobby groups, have communication support needs which are not met or are poorly understood, or they may simply not be asked.

DAS adds value to the policy landscape by taking our knowledge and understanding of the issues that matter to disabled people in Scotland, and pooling our combined policy analysis expertise to develop solutions to discuss with Government at all levels and public bodies.

ENABLE Scotland is Chair of the DAS Policy Group – which is responsible for monitoring and progressing the work and strategic direction of DAS.

For more information, please visit the DAS website.

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