ENABLE Scotland’s #MyOwnFrontDoor Campaign named finalist at year’s Scottish Charity Awards

ENABLE Scotland’s #MyOwnFrontDoor Campaign has been named as a finalist in this year’s Scottish Charity Awards.

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The member-led campaign aims to uphold the human rights of all adults who have a learning disability in Scotland to live in the home they choose, in the community they choose, close to the people they love, by 2023.

Now the campaign has been shortlisted for a coveted award at the Scottish Charity Awards within the Campaign of the Year category.

#MyOwnFrontDoor campaign required priority action on an issue first identified in 2013 Keys to Life and again, in the Coming Home 2018 – where over 1,000 adults with learning disabilities were identified in out of area placements, and 67 were living in hospital, of which 22% for more than 10 years.

Our campaign achieved immediate impact with widespread, high profile media coverage bringing discussion of the human rights issue into mainstream awareness and debate.

Stories of those affected and their families included Kate Sainsbury, mother to Louis, who had been sent more than 250 miles away, spent 3 years living in hospital, and at the time was still living in hospital. Since that time, Louis has now been given a date for discharge to leave hospital and finally Louis has the keys to a home of his own, supported by his dedicated team.

Emma Finlay spoke to the media of her heartbreak after her son died in hospital following 19 months spent in a hospital room as no care package could be found for Keith to allow him to return home.

As well as highlighting the stories of people and their families, the campaign reached out to activists with more than 100 campaigners emailing their MSPs to highlight the ‘human rights emergency.’

On 21st February 2022, the Scottish Government and COSLA published the Coming Home Implementation Framework, 3.5 years after the Coming Home report was published, and committed that by March 2024, out-of-area placements are only made where chosen and people are only in hospital when they require assessment and treatment.

Significantly, the report confirmed that from this day forward, we now have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach in Scotland to inappropriate placement.

Jan Savage, Director of ENABLE Scotland, said:


The #MyOwnFrontDoor campaign shone a light on a human rights emergency. It is a national scandal – hidden in plain sight. People who have a learning disability – brothers, sisters, sons and daughters – are being forced to live far from home, to “live” in hospital, or to live in care settings where they are uncomfortable and unhappy.  Thanks to the voices of our members, and brave individuals and families who were prepared to speak out and share their experiences, we have been able to mobilise real change and put a deadline on ending this practice in Scotland once and for all for our fellow citizens by March 2024.  This is inclusive activism at its best, and on behalf of all members of ENABLE Scotland, we are thrilled to be shortlisted for Campaign of the Year.


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