ENABLE Scotland responds to COSLA Coming Home Implementation Report

Today, the Scottish Government and COSLA have published Coming Home Implementation: A report from the working group on complex care and delayed discharge, tackling the issues raised by ENABLE Scotland’s #MyOwnFrontDoor campaign.

The report says:

By March 2024 we want and need to see real change with out of area residential placements and inappropriate hospital stays greatly reduced, to the point that out of area residential placements are only made through individual or family choices and people are only in hospital for as long as they require assessment and treatment.

Being placed in an inappropriate out-of-area placement, in a poor-quality institutional setting, or being admitted to hospital for an inappropriate reason (e.g. due to behaviour that challenges) is an excessive restriction on liberty and the right to home life. The core commitment made here is a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate placements for people with learning disabilities.


Scottish Government & COSLA, Coming Home Implementation: February 2022

Read the full report here

Responding to the Coming Home Implementation: A report from the working group on complex care and delayed discharge, published by the Scottish Government and COSLA today, John Feehan, who led the launch of the #MOFD campaign on behalf of members of ES said:

About time. We have already waited too long for this. I will be happier in March 2024 when we know that this deadline has been met. We will keep campaigning for our human rights to make sure that it is.


Jan Savage, ENABLE Scotland Director said:

This is a landmark moment for the human rights of people who have a learning disability in Scotland. But the day for real celebration will be the day we know that no one is still stuck in hospital or living in communities where they don’t want to be.

Our member-led My Own Front Door campaign called for urgent action. Today – 9 years after this was identified as a priority by the Scottish Government, we now finally have a deadline for change by March 2024 to end this human rights scandal.

By that date, the Scottish Government and COSLA have now said clearly that no person who has a learning disability in Scotland will be in hospital if they do not need to be, and no one will be forced to live away from the communities they want to live in. No one will be in that position again. And inappropriate institutional units will not be part of Scotland’s future.

This report sets out a clear and important message for commissioners of social care, individuals and families alike – from today, Scotland takes a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate accommodation for people who have learning disabilities and autistic people. We welcome the national approach to supporting and monitoring progress, and the introduction of a new independent panel to ensure that the human rights of every person affected are fully upheld as we now begin the process with pace to support every person to access their rights to live in the home they choose, in the community they choose, close to the people they love.

2 years is still a long time. It is crucial that all support and continued investment is made to remove any barriers to achieving this over the next 24 months. Our campaign will continue to make sure progress is made quickly, and that Scotland meets this deadline. The human rights of our fellow citizens are depending on it.


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