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A Five-Star Weekend at the Human Rights Gathering

December 8, 2017 Case Studies - General Greg, ENABLE Scotland ACE Youth Group member

Hi, my name is Greg. I’m an ENABLE Scotland ACE Youth Group member.

In November me, my friend Ben and 100 other young people attended a Human Rights Gathering organised by Scotland’s new Youth Commissioner. His name is Bruce Adamson.

It was a brilliant, five-star weekend and I wanted to let you know about it to help celebrate Human Rights Day.

The weekend let us get to know Bruce, and find out about his job. He said it was his job to listen to what young people had to say, and to tell that to parliament. Bruce also got to know us and find out how we think he should spend his time and money to help make things better for us.

There was plenty for us to do over the weekend, including discussions and team building activities like building a giant giraffe out of newspaper! One of the things we talked about was education for all, and we got the chance to tell everyone else about what we had discussed.

Among all the fun, we learned a lot about our human rights. And that was really important, especially as 2018 is the Year of the Young Person. Next year will be a chance for all young people to come together and recognise what we all can do.

Here’s what Bruce had to say about the weekend event:

“Our Gathering was about putting children and young people at the centre of our decision-making on our work priorities. Since becoming Commissioner this summer, I’ve been meeting and hearing directly from children and young people across Scotland about what they think I should focus on and how they could be involved in my office’s work.

“It’s my job to make sure children and young people understand their rights, and that those rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled. It is also important that we set our priorities to match the issues that children and young people themselves identify as being important.”

Through the Gathering, we certainly got to share our views and it will be interesting to see how Bruce celebrates the Year of the Young Person, and how he spends his money!

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