#IncludED in the Main?!

Our members told us that truly inclusive education was still far from a reality for young people who have a learning disability, and that this has an impact on their whole life.

Too many young people who have learning disabilities are still excluded:

  • by friends and peers
  • from classroom and curriculum
  • from opportunities and activities that make up the whole of school life.

#IncludED in the Main?! surveyed young people, parents and teaching professionals about the reality of educational experiences for young people in Scotland who have a learning disability.

Informed by more than 800 responses, our report ‘#IncludED in the Main?! – 22 steps on the journey to inclusion for every pupil who has a learning disability’ was a catalyst for change.

As a result, the Scottish Government will publish guidance on inclusive education.

This is the first time the Scottish education system will have guidance which goes beyond the right to be present, to delivering the right to be genuinely included.

And to round off the successful first stage of the campaign, #IncludED in the Main?! was announced winner of ‘Cracking Campaign’ category at the Scottish Charity Awards 2017.

You can join the campaign.

Add your voice to #IncludED in the Main?! by sending a petition to your local representative.

Let’s take the next steps on the journey to inclusion together.

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