Lucy’s story

Lucy McKee is the Chair of ACE Youth. She joined ENABLE Link friendship network in East Dunbartonshire while she was still at school and then became a national member of ENABLE Scotland.

“I was 14 when I first went to ENABLE Link. I was shy, had no friends, no confidence and I was being bullied at school. It’s not easy to ignore when someone suggests that you should never have been born.

“So I decided to do something about it.

“I was going to concentrate on what I wanted to say. I asked to speak at my school assembly on bullying behaviour. I told them that the nasty comments and jokes can ruin lives. They can really affect people like me. People who are different.

“I was difficult to stand up and say those things to the whole school. But I’m glad I did it. It needed to be said.

“I joined the #IncludED in the Main?! campaign and shared my experience as someone who has a learning disability and attended a mainstream school. Through the campaign I was able to talk to newspapers, radio and television journalists. I went to the Scottish Parliament and spoke to Ministers and representatives from Inclusion Europe.

“#IncludED in the Main?! made politicians sit up and listen to what was going on in schools. Because of this campaign, the government is changing the guidelines on how people who need support are treated at school. I think that’s an achievement, and I’m proud that I helped to make that happen.

“When I think about the bullies now, they don’t bother me. I think, I’ve been in the news and visited Parliament to speak with Ministers – so who’s the failure here?

“ENABLE Scotland is an organisation that wants to make the world better for people who have learning disabilities. The way I see it, that’s something that’s worth being part of and that’s why I’m a member.”

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