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We believe that with the right support, everyone can find and keep a job.  Every day, ENABLE Works supports adults who have a learning disability to develop their employment skills and find work.  Our approach is to help you think about the skills you want to develop and the type of work you want to do.

We will support you every step of the way, and help find the job that’s right for you.

Meet Ian and find out how support from ENABLE Works has helped him to get a job that he loves:

Man who has a learning disability smiling for the camera in EdinburghMy name is Ian, I’m 53 and I live in Edinburgh. I’ve always wanted to get a job and have my own money, but never felt I had the skills and confidence to do it on my own. I left school at sixteen with no qualifications and no one talked to me about getting a job. I just left school and that was it.

A couple of years ago I heard about the All in Edinburgh programme and met people from ENABLE Scotland. They asked what I was good at and what I liked doing. They helped me to gain confidence and for the for the first time in my life – I started to feel like I was worth something. Tommy from ENABLE Works helped me get on to the Adult Returners’ course at Edinburgh College, and I learned how to create my CV and did some training for job interviews.

Less than a year on, I got a temporary job with the University of Edinburgh. I had support from ENABLE Works while I was working there, and it went so well that I got a permanent job a month later with a retail agency. Now I work part-time and get to work in lots of different places, which is great because I meet new people every day. Getting a job has changed everything for me. I have my own money, I’m part of a team and what’s happened to me proves that with support, anyone can do it!


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