ENABLE Scotland believes in the power of community to transform lives. We support a network of Branches, who are all run by incredible volunteers. Each Branch is set up as an individual charity independent of ENABLE Scotland.

There are currently 36 branches operating across Scotland, each offering its own unique programme of events and social opportunities to connect and empower their local community. These can include:

  • Social clubs and activities
  • Outings and events
  • Campaigning and fundraising
  • Providing advice and support

Our affiliated Branches access:-

  • Guidance  An affiliation agreement and support to run your branch as an independent charity – from help with accounts to running AGMs, to recruiting volunteers, and much more!​
  • A community – join our active network of local ACE Groups, Branches, and digital Family and ACE Connect sessions. Our dedicated Branch Connect programme connects Branches ​
  • A voice – lead and be involved in campaigning for change to uphold the human rights of every person who has a learning disability and their family in Scotland.​
  • A vote – ENABLE Scotland members have a say in how the charity is run. Affiliated branches of ENABLE Scotland are invited to our AGM, and vote to approve our annual accounts. Affiliated Branches have 10 votes.​
  • A leadership role – ENABLE Scotland Branch representatives can also stand for election to the Branches Committee of our unique member-led Scottish Council, which guides ENABLE Scotland’s campaigns and links to the Board of Trustees. ​
  • Advice – a dedicated freephone advice line – Family Connect – to provide your members with information and advice about their rights to education, health, social care support, welfare rights, and much much more!​
  • Help – a dedicated freephone helpline – ACE Connect – to provide a listening ear for any of your members who have a learning disability who are feeling lonely, isolated or anxious.​
  • Information – A monthly update email with all the latest news about ENABLE Scotland and other news which is important to people who have a learning disability and their families.​
  • Support – to be the change in your community be an ambassador, fundraise, or invite more people to join your local group – help us reach every person who needs us.​











If you are an existing Branch of ENABLE Scotland, please visit your private members’ area of the website here!

If you would like to set up a local group or Branch in your community – we would love to hear from you! Call us Family Connect 0300 3030 228

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If you are an existing Branch member of ENABLE Scotland, please visit your private members’ area of the website here – you will need your unique membership number to log in!


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