How would you feel if you turned up at your train station, only to be told you couldn’t travel as you hadn’t given them 24 hours notice?

That’s what used to happen if someone with a disability wanted to go anywhere.

A group of young ENABLE Scotland members wanted to be able to go places when they felt like it. They wanted to be spontaneous!

So they started the campaign Help us be Spontaneous, or HUBS.

The made a video of their experiences, and went to the Scottish Parliament to lobby MSPs. Their campaign got a lot of support from MSPs.

As a result, Derek Mackay, the Minister for Transport, announced that any company wanting to run trains in Scotland would have to make sure “that disabled passengers can travel more spontaneously”.

Abellio, who won the Scotrail franchise, announced: “we will reduce the advance notice period from four to three hours by the end of 2017, with a target of only one hour by the end of the franchise.”

That’s a timetable we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

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