Our members told us that too many people who have a learning disability had experienced issues getting a bus pass and were losing out on accessing independent travel.

#StoptheBus asked the Scottish Government to improve access to the National Concessionary Travel Scheme for people who have a learning disability.

Our asks were for the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland to make it easier for people to get a bus pass by:

  • extending the eligibility criteria so that people on the lower rate mobility component of DLA had access to a bus pass; and
  • making it clear who can sign the certificate of eligibility to get a bus pass through the non benefit-related route.

Our ACE members and campaign supporters went out in their communities getting people on board every day, and our #StoptheBus petition had over 3000 signatures in just 3 months. They also took their battle bus to the Scottish Parliament to get MSP support.

Thanks to this campaign, Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport, asked ENABLE scotland to help the government and Transport Scotland make the changes we called for.

Now, people who have a learning disability can get back on the bus and travel independently.

#StoptheBus was the winning campaign at the prestigious Herald Society Awards in 2015.

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