#BetheChange is ENABLE Scotland’s innovative anti bullying campaign.

The campaign aims to challenge bullying behaviours towards people who have learning disabilities; put an end to bullying and build an equal society. The campaign focuses on promoting change through understanding to challenge people’s perceptions and break down barriers.

This campaign is much needed as recent research has shown:

  • Two-thirds of young people who have learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders have been bullied.
  •  An ENABLE Scotland study conducted with Ipsos MORI in 2016 revealed that nearly one third (29%) of 1,550 secondary pupils surveyed across Scotland say they find it difficult to make friends with young people who have a learning disability at their school.

These statistics are unacceptable, and we must all work together to make things better.

This work starts in our towns and villages – in communities around the country where different people live, learn and work side by side.

ENABLE Scotland has trained 10 young people and 20 adults who have learning disabilities as ‘Change Champions’ – they are ambassadors for the #BetheChange campaign.

The Champions have worked together to develop workshops to deliver to groups in their local community. Each Change Champion has drawn on their own experience of bullying and their thoughts and ideas on what would make things better.

As part of their training they have also developed two films.

Watch them here; meet some of our Change Champions and find out why they want you to #BetheChange.

In addition, in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow, a series of lesson plans for S1 and S2 pupils have been developed to educate school children about the experiences of people who have a learning disability.

Find out more here

You can #BetheChange and make a difference by signing our pledge today:

Take action – sign the pledge to #BetheChange!


There are so many other ways to get involved. You can:

Be supportive – Share our campaign and ask others to #BetheChange on Twitter.

Be respectful – Write to your local authority, calling on them to promote respect in schools by using our Lessons on Learning Disability.

Be understandingRead real stories of our members who have experienced bullying and then write to your MSP asking them to support the campaign.

Be open and be a friend – Find out more about our Workshop in a Bag for schools, youth groups and community organisations.

Together we can #BetheChange.

#BetheChange is funded by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.  Esmee Fairbairn logo

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