IncludED in the Main!?

In March 2019, the Scottish Government published the first ever Guidance on the presumption to provide education in a mainstream setting – delivering on Recommendation 1 of #IncludED in the Main?! with a focus on equitable opportunities for every pupil who has a learning disability to participate fully in all aspects of school life. Education Scotland has also developed training resources for school staff, and the Scottish Government is exploring options for recognising and supporting the role of classroom support.

It is important that we ensure that the needs of young people are met most effectively. I am focused on the need to ensure that young people who have additional support needs are given adequate and appropriate support that is commensurate with their circumstances and conditions.  The Government will continue to take that approach, consistent with the content of the 2004 act.

Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education, John Swinney MSP


We believe every child who has a learning disability should have the support they need to do well at school, in any setting.

In 2017 we launched a national survey to find out what life is really like in classrooms across the country – and for the first time in a survey in Scotland, we asked parents, pupils – AND teachers.

Informed by over 800 responses, #IncludED in the Main!? shows that inclusive education is still far from a reality for many young people who have learning disabilities.

Our challenge now to Government at all levels is to listen.  Listen to the pan-perspective views shared by more than 800 young people who have learning disabilities, their parents and carers, and the education workforce who work with them, who took part in #IncludED in the Main!?

22 recommendations to take Scottish education on the next stage of the journey to inclusion.

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Let’s take the next steps on the journey to inclusion together.

What happened next?

  • Shortlisted for Herald Society Campaign of the Year
  • Scottish Government announces intention to publish guidance on inclusive education for the first time!
  • This is the first time the Scottish education system will have guidance which goes beyond the right to be present, to delivering the right to be genuinely included.
  • Won the SCVO Cracking Campaign 2017
  • Scottish Government Guidance published October 2018
  • Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner starts investigation into seclusion and restraint in education
  • Commissioner launches report, No Safe Place
  • Scottish Government announces review of additional support for learning


SCVO Cracking Campaign 2017

We are absolutely thrilled to win the Cracking Campaign award for #IncludED in the Main?! This was a campaign that listened to and amplified the voices of 800 young people who have learning disabilities, their parents, and teachers, and has prompted systemic change in Scottish Education. I would like to thank everyone who supported #IncludED in the Main, from our members to MSPs, collectively we have initiated change that will spell a more inclusive future for the next generation of people who have learning disabilities.

Jan Savage, Executive Director of Campaigns & External Affairs


Every child has the right to become a successful learner, confident individual, effective
contributor and responsible citizen – wherever their learning is taking place. Some will face
barriers to learning and will need additional support to enable them to make the most of their
educational opportunities and to realise their potential.

The Doran Review


Every education authority must — in relation to each child and young person having
additional support needs for whose school education the authority are responsible — make
adequate and efficient provision for such additional support as is required by that child or
young person.

Education (Additional Support for Learning) Scotland Act (2004)

ENABLE Scotland has worked with the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde to develop lesson plans for S1 and S2 pupils.

These are an anti-bullying resource to help promote the understanding and acceptance of people with learning disabilities. The resource consists of a series of lessons:

  • To help them understand and value difference.
  • To let them know what life is like for people with learning disabilities.
  • To show them what it feels like to be bullied just because you have a learning disability.
  • To explore opportunities for increased contact between young people with and without learning disabilities.

Lessons to promote understanding and acceptance of people with learning disabilities


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