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For many adults who have a learning disability, especially those people who have learning disability and autism who have complex care needs, support cannot be found of a quality good enough to assist them to live independently in the community of their choice.

This has meant many people have to be sent to live far away where support is available. This can be living on their own, far from what they know, or sometimes in an institutional, congregate living setting, whether that is what they want or not.

In 2018, the Scottish Government published Coming Home – a report it had commissioned on both out of area placements and delayed discharge for people with learning disabilities and complex needs. The report found that:

  • 705 adults with a learning disability are ‘out of area’ meaning that they do not live in their own community, due to lack of available support
  • 109 people were identified as priority to return – meaning that they did not want to be where they had been placed
  • 67 people are living in hospital because no appropriate accommodation and support is unavailable in their community
  • Of this group, 22% have been in hospital for more than 10 years, and 9% between 5-10 years

This is a human rights emergency. It is a national scandal – hidden in plain sight. Brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Living far from home. Living in hospital. Living in care settings where they are uncomfortable and unhappy. Or putting living on hold because they can’t get the support they need to move out.

Policy initiatives to resolve this in Scotland have been around since the year 2000. 21 years later, the Scottish Government and COSLA, and HSCPs are finally making progress, and ENABLE Scotland welcomes this.

This member-led campaign is timed to ensure the opportunities of the current priority focus are realised in good time, and to raise the public profile of the situation our fellow citizens find themselves in.

We cannot wait any longer for decisive action. People with learning disabilities are being subjected to a level of discrimination that we would not, and do not, expect other groups in our society to bear.

ENABLE Scotland believes that further decisive action is now required to end the human rights emergency faced by individuals in this position and their families.

ENABLE Scotland believes that the keys to unlocking their own Front Door are in our hands.


The Keys to unlocking #MyOwnFrontDoor

Our campaign is asking policy makers to:

  1. Close Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) beds and end the practice of Scottish citizens being sent out of country
  2. With immediate effect, implementCommunity First principle for the commissioning of support for all adults and children who have a learning disability in Scotland
  3. Invest nationally in a Specialist Provider Network to improve local coverage accessible in every neighbourhood
  4. Maintain a National at-Risk Register and ensure that everyone identified on this in 2021/22 has a plan by 2023 to come home to the community of their choice
  5. Create a national Community Living Panel to ensure oversight and accountability of decision making about individual placements

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