ENABLE Scotland has an active membership and supporter base of 12,000 people across Scotland – and it is growing every day.

Our ENABLE Family has never been more important over the last 12 months. Our incredible donors help make sure that ENABLE Scotland can be there for everyone who needs us.



As a donor to ENABLE Scotland, you are part of an active and growing community that connects, campaigns and empowers people to stand up for their human rights.







Every year, we directly support 3,119 people to:

  • Be local activists
  • Get specialist information, advice and advocacy
  • Access community-based support across 72 local groups

You can find out all the support available thanks to our donors in every area of Scotland on our interactive map.

Our family is growing every day. Every pound donated has helped us take a step closer to an equal society for every person who has a learning disability in Scotland.

Together, we are working for an equal society for every person who has a learning disability and their family.
Together, we are building connections and communities so that no one is alone.
Together, we are the ENABLE Family.

“I feel we have been the forgotten people of this pandemic. If it wasn’t for ENABLE Scotland and these online sessions, I would have had nobody.”


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All of this work is funded through donations. We couldn’t do it without you.

Community has never been more important. There are 175,000 people who have a learning disability in Scotland today. Help us be here for every single one of them.




Commitjust £5 a month will help us answer the phone to a family in need.



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