Heather – Membership Ambassador

  • Heather - Membership Ambassador

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    Heather - Membership Ambassador

    My name is Heather Gilchrist, and I am a member of ENABLE Scotland. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well in this most difficult of times.

    I was lucky before COVID-19 when I was working in my dream job as a front of house assistant in a Glasgow theatre unfortunately, they were the first businesses to temporarily close over the Covid-19, so I am on furlough until they open again. So, I was really happy to have this job alongside my current job and I am delighted in being   successful and have the opportunity to be ENABLE Scotland’s Social Media Ambassador. I am really looking forward to starting this job to help grow Ace membership with Enable Scotland and look forward to working alongside Lucy and the rest of the team and staff members within the charity and also to have more time to give back to my favourite charity.

    This year has brought so many new challenges and ENABLE Scotland has been there for me and for thousands of people who have a learning disability to support us through this time.

    With our local ACE (Active Community of Empowered people) groups unable to meet due to Coronavirus, our amazing members helped the team at ENABLE Scotland create ACE Connect. ACE Connect has allowed our ACE groups to meet digitally and ensure all our members wo have a learning disability have a helpline and support structure in place, no matter the problem.

    ACE Connect has been a lifeline for me. I can call the helpline, email the team, or join in with the calendar of Zoom sessions to get help and advice, or just see a friendly face and have a conversation when I’m feeling lonely. This has really helped me cope with my anxiety throughout the different lockdowns which has been a major challenge for me.

    With your Involvement ACE Connect can continue to help people who have a learning disability to stay connected, active, informed and engaged throughout this really difficult time.

    Thank you so much for your support – we really can’t do this without you.


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