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  • John Feehan - ACE Membership Ambassador

    Theresa Shearer

    John Feehan - ACE Membership Ambassador

    Why is working for ENABLE Scotland important to me?

    Well I fought hard to get it fought even harder to keep in my job as ACE Ambassador. I need to work along side all ACE groups, but this has been hard because of COVID / lockdown / furlough.

    The first two weeks of the first lockdown, my work mates were always phoning me to make sure I was ok because my anxiety was doing cartwheels. This helped me to realise I was not by myself, that the world was still turning just when it looked like getting out of control.

    But getting back to work has been the best thing for me, no more boring furlough for me. No more getting up in the morning and thinking what am doing today. I’m looking forward to:

    • Getting to help people every day
    • Taking on the challenges this job presents
    • Debating with MSPs during #ENABLEtheVote21

    ENABLE Scotland will always have a special meaning to me as I met my fiancé working for ENABLE. But most of all, it allows me to live the life I want live.

    Unfortunately, lots of people with a learning don’t get to do that and that sucks. I want to change that!


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