Lucy – Membership Ambassador

  • Lucy - Membership Ambassador

    Theresa Shearer

    Lucy - Membership Ambassador

    Hi I’m Lucy and I’m ENABLE Scotland’s first ACE Youth Membership Ambassador!

    I joined ENABLE Scotland as a member back in 2014 through attending the ACE Youth group in Bishopbriggs. Since then, I have become Chair of ACE Youth, spoken at ENABLE Scotland events and helped develop and run campaigns.

    My confidence since joining the ACE Youth has dramatically improved, resulting in me being able to speak out for change for other people who have learning disabilities.

    This is something I have always been passionate about. When I was at school, I went to my head teacher to say that I wanted to do something about the bullying that I was experiencing, and to make sure that people younger than me didn’t have to experience the same. His first response was ‘yes, let’s do it!’ and we did it. I made a PowerPoint presentation and delivered it to other pupils across all age groups in the school. We wanted everyone to know how their actions can affect people with learning disabilities. We showed them the ENABLE Scotland #BeTheChange video, and their reaction was to be expected. After this, people actually came up to me and started talking to me. Before I spoke up, I felt invisible – the biggest problem was not feeling part of the school family.

    And this is why I am working with ENABLE Scotland. No one should have to do what I did to be accepted. Working for ENABLE Scotland, and as a member, we believe in and work to create an equal society for every person who has a learning disability.

    Join us today and help make a difference so that no other young people have to experience what I did.


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