ENABLE Scotland in Moffat – 2022

Thanks to Inspiring Scotland’s Rural Communities Into Action Fund, ENABLE Scotland have been working in Moffat to deliver lots of great new support services for people with a learning disability, their family carers and the wider community.

ACE has been active across Scotland for almost 30 years, supporting people with a learning disability to be empowered and engaged activists in their local communities.

ACE has upheld the rights of people with a learning disability across Scotland, and we are so excited to bring a new ACE Group to Moffat!

  • Do you live in Moffat?
  • Do you have a learning disability?
  • Interested in becoming part of our ACE group?

Connect us at aceconnect@enable.org.uk to find out more!

Our Family Connect service has been up and running since August 2020.

Started in the middle of the pandemic to support family carers to get access to the information and advice they need in a convenient way.

Family Connect continues to deliver weekly seminars on issues important to carers through Zoom.

One thing has been missing though, in person connections. We are very happy that Moffat has become the first place in Scotland to host a Family Connect group.

A space for family carers to talk to each other, and support each other through the ups and downs of life as a carer. A place where family carers can learn about their local community and engage in democratic decision making processes, represent each other voices and become empowered to make a real difference for other carers in their communities.

If you are a family carer living in Moffat, and would be interested in attending our Family Connect group, then reach out to us at familyconnect@enable.org.uk and we will send you the information you need to come along to our next meeting.

‘You’re Welcome’ – Info Pack

Our new Branch ‘You’re Welcome’ community space workshops are being piloted in Moffat.

ENABLE Scotland’s new ‘You’re Welcome‘ project gives communities a chance to work with people who have a learning disability to make sure everyone is welcome.

You’re Welcome‘ workshops take place in local community spaces, facilitated by ENABLE Scotland and people with a learning disability.

The workshops last for one hour and support community spaces to become more welcoming and inclusive for people with a learning disability. ENABLE Scotland’s members work alongside cafe’s, restaurants, and public buildings to let them know what is important to make people who have a learning disability feel welcome in their space.

By hosting a ‘You’re Welcome‘ workshop, community spaces become better spaces for everyone! Once the workshop is complete, the community space can wear it’s ‘You’re Welcome’ sticker with pride – in their window or on their website, letting everyone know ‘You’re Welcome’ there.

Do you run a community space?

Want to become more inclusive and welcoming to people with a learning disability?

There are benefits for everyone who uses your space, so get in touch now and organise a free one hour session with your staff or volunteers!

Contact us at membership@enable.org.uk for more info!

We’re really excited about ‘You’re Welcome’ and will be rolling it out to other communities soon!

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