East Renfrewshire LAC

“My LAC has worked with me for around two years and has supported myself and my son so much. I was diagnosed with autism a few years ago and they have helped me understand how autism affects me and made me realise my strengths instead of me focussing on my weakness. They have also helped me understand my son’s diagnosis, she has shown me strategies to help me to be able to help him.

My LAC also helps me with school meetings – preparing for things, helping me understand my son’s support needs and making me be the strongest advocate I can be for him. She also attends other meetings with me because of my anxiety, it helps me a lot seeing her with me.

And last but not least it was her who noticed I was at an all-time low a while ago. I was struggling with so many things and she fought for me and with me to get me extra support to help me live a normal life. Thanks to my LAC and the support I will be able to live my life and not just exist and I can’t thank her enough.” Parent


If you live in East Renfrewshire and want to find out more about how the LAC team can help you, call Family Connect now 0300 303 0228.

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