Learning Disability and Dementia

Living with a learning disability can present lots of different challenges throughout a person’s life.  People who have a learning disability are living longer and it is important to sign post the people we support, carers and families to appropriate information and resources.  People with learning disabilities, particularly those with Down’s syndrome, are at increased risk of developing dementia.  If a person with a learning disability develops dementia, they will face different and additional challenges to people who do not have a learning disability.

With the support of the Life Changes Trust, ENABLE Scotland are working towards providing support to people affected by learning disabilities and dementia.  Throughout the coming months, a number of workshops in the Morayshire area will provide the help and resources people need to learn more about learning disability and dementia.

The free sessions are taking place on:

  • Wednesday the 4th (10.30am -1.30pm)
  • 25th of September (5.30pm-8.30pm)
  • 31st of October (2pm-5pm)
  • All sessions will be held in the Laichmoray Hotel, Elgin.

If you have any questions about the event or would like to take part in the sessions, please contact ENABLE Scotland at 01698737025 or email enabledirect@enable.org.uk.

Having access to the right information is very important.  The resources we have provided, give a variety of information on learning disability and dementia including:

  • Learning disability and the risk of developing dementia
  • Symptoms of dementia in people who have a learning disability
  • Learning disabilities and dementia – resources

Watch Derek’s story, Supporting Derek, about his experience of having a learning disability and living with dementia.


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