No Matter What – Aberdeen

Every Thursday throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been focussing on #TalesFromTheFrontline as the country has paid tribute to key workers.

We have heard stories of coming together; making creative changes; and providing support #NoMatterWhat


We have been telling these stories through the words of our ENABLE Scotland Personal Assistants (PAs) from across Scotland.

We are so proud of each and every one of them and they are doing an outstanding job on the frontline of the national response to this unprecedented challenge.

This week we spoke to William Essex, a PA from Aberdeen on the new perspectives Coronavirus has offered.

William told us:

“COVID-19 has really thrown all of our lives into perspective, that’s true for people we support and for me and my colleagues. Although very challenging, in some ways it has given us all more perspective about our lives. I have been thinking a lot about what we do to support people and how we have adapted this in the current situation. Loneliness is an issue for someone I support in normal times and this has been heightened by the restrictions – I have realised how important hobbies can be for people and we need to ensure that we provide good options for people in line with a person centred approach.”


William has also been considering the importance of colleagues supporting one another:

“When a storm comes and affects all of us, we rely on each other to get through it. I think mental health has been at the forefront and it is important that we all have access to good support and resources to help us through.”


As we look ahead to the recovery from COVID-19, support for staff and ongoing resilience building will be very important. William added:

“We need to think of new ways to support one another. The Zoom chats ENABLE Scotland has facilitated for colleagues have been helpful and I would like to see more community support networks established online where we can continue to support one another in smaller areas whilst social distancing continues and we begin the process of recovery.”


Thanks to PAs across the country like William who are taking time to think about the future and how we will build from these challenging times.

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