No Matter What – Dunoon

Every Thursday throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the country is joining together to #ClapForCarers.

We are so proud of the ENABLE Scotland Personal Assistants (PAs) who are doing an outstanding job as category 1 keyworkers on the frontline of the national response to this unprecedented challenge, providing the highest quality care and support no matter what.

This week we are focussing on the amazing team work going on across the country, highlighted by the efforts of a team of ENABLE Scotland PAs in Dunoon who have been really dedicated to the person they are supporting.

PAs Tracy Gillick, Fiona Loretz, Simon Pacitti, Paula Mallaney, David Millar and Mari Cameron  have been adapting to provide support in different ways. The person they have been working together to support needed some extra care and support due to an ongoing illness; even with the challenging circumstances we are all experiencing, the team have really gone the extra mile.

Tracy told us about the team:

The gentleman we have been supporting has really needed us as his illness has progressed.  We have all come together as a team even though we don’t always work together normally. Our Team Facilitators have asked us to be flexible and across the board to help make sure we support wherever we are needed. We have all been willing to help.

We have been supporting someone who is quite poorly and in pain, we have helped him manage that and to think about options for more specialist care. This proved quite challenging as he values being independent and was reluctant in the current circumstances to think about a different environment.  We all took time with him to discuss care and his needs – we put him at the centre and he was happy that he was making his own choices about his treatment and care. We have supported his transitions and I am proud of the way we have all helped him maintain choice and control over his own life

We have done this in a very challenging time of Covid-19 but we have done it together – everyone has been so committed. It has made me realise that people who are in this type of work just really care.

I know we couldn’t have done it without our Team Facilitators Kirsty and Angela and our Service Manager, Scott – they have been so supportive with calls to check on how we are doing and always being at the other end of the phone. They look after our well being without us even knowing it. They have also ensured that we have had the PPE we need and the practical things to do our jobs.

It’s all the little things coming together that make our care and support a real team effort.

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