No Matter What – East Lothian

Every Thursday throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the country is joining together to #ClapForCarers.

We are so proud of the ENABLE Scotland Personal Assistants (PAs) who are doing an outstanding job on the frontline of the national response to this unprecedented challenge.

PAs like Kirsty Drysdale from our East Lothian Services are keyworkers supporting and caring for some of our most vulnerable citizens, and crucially – ensuring they are safe and well at home and do not need to access hospital services at a time when the NHS is under such pressure.

Kirsty supports two brothers who have a learning disability to live in the community; they have been missing their usual social life during lockdown so Kirsty worked to make their Saturday night out a Saturday night in along with all the fun they have been missing.

She told us all about it:

The people I support really enjoy a Saturday night out at the Royal British Legion, they have been going since they were teenagers – playing bingo and having a dance; they have been really missing this since the restrictions came into place and really struggling. I started thinking about how we could have a Saturday night in and make it as close to a night out in the Legion as possible.

I used to be an entertainer so that never really leaves you – we made bingo books and I downloaded a bingo app on my phone which allowed me to call the numbers which was great fun. After the bingo there is usually dancing so we managed to get disco lights going, we put on music and we all got up for a dance – it was a great night and really took people’s minds off the challenging times we are in.


Kirsty’s colleagues were so impressed by her efforts that they asked that she be recognised. Paul, a PA who works alongside Kirsty said:

I feel that such an effort shows she is doing a superb job through this virus. If she did not go out her way to do things like this it could have a bigger affect on people we support.  Also when I have done handovers or joint shifts with her she is very good with those we are supporting and they are always in a great mood anytime I take over from her.


Kirsty added:

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