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Every Thursday throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the country is joining together to #ClapForCarers.

We are so proud of the ENABLE Scotland Personal Assistants (PAs) who are doing an outstanding job on the frontline of the national response to this unprecedented challenge.

PAs like Ellie Thompson from our Perth Services are keyworkers supporting and caring for some of our most vulnerable citizens, and crucially – ensuring they are safe and well at home and do not need to access hospital services at a time when the NHS is under such pressure.

Ellie who usually works in Children’s Services has adapted her role to support 2 adults who have a learning disability; as well as keeping in touch with the children she supports via Zoom, she recently worked with colleagues to organise a very special birthday party for someone we support.

She told us all about it:

At the start of the Coronavirus situation I moved to support adults because this is what was really needed – it was a big change but I am pleased to be doing my bit to help.

One of the people I am supporting had a birthday coming up and his family told me how much his birthday meant to him – including that he had a count down throughout the year and really looks forward to it! A lot of plans had been made to celebrate but unfortunately these couldn’t go ahead due to the social distancing rules.

His family were concerned that he would be really upset by not being able to celebrate in the usual way and; he wouldn’t understand why things had changed. I was on shift on that day and decided with my colleagues to do everything we could to make it special. We decorated his flat; his mum dropped off his presents and we collected them from the doorstep; we had a musical day singing all his favourite songs from the musicals; we played games; and even baked! Basically we turned the whole day into a party – something different from the usual routine.

We sent photos of the day to his family and they said that this really helped them feel reassured about how he was being supported at this difficult time.

For me, the strength of relationships with the families of people we support; adapting to situations; planning and communication have been so important, it’s all about keeping people we support motivated and keeping their minds off the worries we can all experience from time to time.

We have all had to adapt but it’s all about supporting people and I am proud of what we are all doing.

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