No Matter What – Perthshire

Each week throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been focussing on #TalesFromTheFrontline as the country has paid tribute to key workers.

We have heard stories of coming together; making creative changes; and providing support #NoMatterWhat

We have been telling these stories through the words of our ENABLE Scotland Personal Assistants (PAs) from across Scotland.


We are so proud of each and every one of them and they are doing an outstanding job on the frontline of the national response to this unprecedented challenge.

This week we are focussing on the stories of our Team in Perthshire who support Ewan…and his sheep!

Paul, one of the PAs in the team told us all about Ewan:

Ewan’s interest of sheep began after watching a programme called Play School when he was young. They had a segment all about sheep and ever since then Ewan has loved sheep. They are cute, clever, cuddly and as Ewan will tell you, good girls!


Before lockdown restrictions came into place Ewan was supported by his team of PAs to get out and about and look after his own sheep (Samantha and Peppermint) through his work at a farm; but also taking time to visit other sheep nearby. Ewan has owned sheep all his life and has names for all of them; and enjoys telling people stories all about his sheep. His team told us that Ewan really does care passionately about sheep and their well being and spends much of his spare time with them.



It is very much a two way street – Ewan looks after his sheep but in a way, they look after him too – Paul explains: 

It is very therapeutic and relaxing for Ewan when he is spending time with the sheep and he loves to cuddle them and the sheep quite clearly love Ewan.

It is also a great way for Ewan to meet people, he enjoys showing people his sheep, talking about them and will talk to anyone about his sheep. Often it is a good way for Ewan to introduce himself or begin a conversation with strangers by telling them he is a farmer and asking if they have spent any time with sheep. Clearly sheep are a massive and important  part of Ewan’s life and they have a huge and  positive impact on it.


With lockdown restrictions and the onset of Coronavirus, Ewan’s team were concerned about how he would cope given that he wouldn’t be able to see his sheep. It was a huge challenge given that they are such an important part of his life. Paul added:


We all thought Ewan might struggle the longer the lockdown went on and it would have a negative impact on him but I think its fair to say that  Ewan really has been incredible, coping so well. Although it hasn’t been possible to see his sheep in the same way – he has been really positive. The other day he saw some children in the field with his sheep and I was worried that he might be upset but he told me that he was glad that they had company – which is just fantastic.


Ewan is now getting to see his sheep a bit more regularly due to the easing of some restrictions but is still sticking with social distancing guidelines. His team are looking forward to the day when they can get back on the farm with Ewan and do what he loves – giving his sheep a big cuddle!


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